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Support the Time Trade Circle

There are many ways to support the Time Trade Circle! The main way is to become a member and participate in the community by trading. Many members support us by volunteering to help do admin work or be ambassadors. These donations of time are what make the TTC run! Unfortunately in the real world, there are things we need and use that cost actual money. If you have extra supplies that you would like to donate, we would greatly appreciate it! If you are able to donate money to pay for these things, we gladly accept that too. Here are some of the things the TTC uses:

If you have supplies you'd like to donate, feel free to bring them to one of our monthly potlucks!

In order to make a tax deductible donation to the Time Trade Circle, make a check out to Margaret Fuller House (our fiscal sponsor). Indicate on the check that the donation is specifically for the Time Trade Circle. Mail it to:

Time Trade Circle
2 Corliss Place
Cambridge, MA 02139

You will then get a thank you letter / tax receipt as with a donation to any other charity. Your gifts are appreciated immensely!