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Time Trade Circle News

Find out what's going on as our organization grows!

Feb '13
We've switched web sites from Community Weaver to Time and Talents, for a variety of reasons, which doesn't affect the wonderful trades members are doing.
Feb '13
We held our first official annual meeting and our first annual board member election!
Apr '12
The Time Trade Circle incorporated, creating a Board of Directors and instituting the TTC By-laws.
The group continued to grow and function smoothly, despite the lack of updates on this page during this time!
Apr '10
We've decided to change our terminology to be more clear - we are now referring to our currency as Timebank Hours, instead of Time Dollars.
Jan '10
We've reached a big milestone - more than 500 members! And even more importantly, more of our members are active and trading regularly!
Oct '09
The Time Trade Circle partipated in the Massachusetts Relocalization Conference by taking part in a panel and organizing a table at the event.
Aug '09
We've added an ombudsperson to our ambassador group. This person can help resolve any conflicts that may come up among members as we grow and trading increases.
Jul '09
To help support our ever-growing membership, we've expanded the admin group to include ambassadors who help with orientations and all kinds of things.
Jun '09
Katherine and Carol went to the Timebanking Conference in Madison, WI. They learned what other timebanks are doing and were inspired to add more special programs to the TTC!
Jun '09
We have over 300 members and we're seeing them get involved in more and more creative ways! We are the largest member-run timebank in the country.
Apr '09
We've surpassed 200 members and are seeing more than 50 trades a month! We're also thinking about how to expand our organizational structure and working group of volunteers.
Feb '09
An article was written about us in the Boston Globe!
Jan '09
We've formed a partnership with the Margaret Fuller House! This means we can now fundraise as a nonprofit and use their space, and our members have the opportunity to volunteer with their many interesting programs.
Jan '09
We've reached 150 members and people are trading more and more!
Dec '08
We were on the news! Read about the Channel 5 piece here.
Sept '08
We've reached 100 members! Thanks to the volunteers putting up flyers and passing out brochures around town, word about the Time Trade Circle is spreading and interest is growing!
Feb '08
We published our first official newsletter! Read it here.
Nov '07
An article was written about us in the Improper Bostonian!
Sept '07
The Time Trade Circle was featured in an article in the Boston Globe!