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Links to TTC Materials

Help promote the Time Trade Circle!
Download and print these materials, then distribute them.
TTC Flyer with tear-off strips
Quarter-page version of TTC flyer for Whole Foods and small handouts

If you need materials with more complete information, you can share this 3-page document that explains what the Time Trade Circle is and how it works.
All About the TTC

The TTC incorporated in 2012 and the organization's by-laws are available for members and the public to read:
TTC By-laws

Links & Friends of the TTC

Our internal website - Time and Talents

Cambridge Community Center - an organizational member and partner

The Margaret Fuller House - an organizational member and our fiscal sponsor

Genuine Voices - an organizational member that teaches music to youth

Saint Meow's - non-profit no-kill cat shelter

International Center for Integrative Systems

Timebanks.org - Connecting time banks everywhere

HourWorld - National network of hour exchanges