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Upcoming Orientations and Public Events

Orientations offer information about joining.

Public events are free (usually) events offered by TTC members that are open to non-members as well.


Notes about our schedule of orientation dates:

We have orientations every month or two in Cambridge, and 3-5 times a year in other locations.

It's a good idea to check back here close to, and on the day of an orientation in case of cancellation due to weather, illness, etc. (Last-minute changes are rare but it has happened.)

Checking this page is the best way to keep informed about upcoming orientation choices.

Sunday, June 7, 4:30-5:30 PM
Cambridge Community Center
5 Callender Street, Cambridge, MA 02139
Children are welcome. Please try to arrive on time.
This orientation will be led by Carol.

Public Events

Offered by TTC, free and open to members, friends, and community.

Big Swap/Trade/Share event!
April 12, Sunday, 3-5 PM @ 5 Callender St
Just like a free yard sale! Come give away all the things you don’t need; find a treasure given by someone else. No one in the middle- just share directly with your neighbors.
Consider: clothes, books, recent magazines, arts/crafts supplies; tools, dishes, plants! We’ll organize things by category, on different tables.
To send a note about what you want to donate, or to offer to help organize, contact Sonia ashmontsiding (at) gmail.com
This will be open to the CCC community as well at TTC members, so feel free to invite any friends to come too, to donate their things and find new things.
And there will be an orientation immediately afterwards, for friends who may want to join.

Theater workshop by Eleonora C.
In this workshop we will do exercises to get to know each other in the group and create a good working atmosphere, we'll learn how to move in a theatrical space, and have fun with some improvisation fundamentals. We will work especially with our body, the main instrument of the actor, so please wear comfortable clothes so you can move around freely!

This workshop consists of four, two-hour sessions on the dates listed below. We will work progressively with the goal of preparing a simple performance for friends and family in the summer.
  • April 5 This session has been canceled.
  • May 3
  • June 14
  • July 19

This series is offered by TTC (free) and open to members, friends and community.

RSVP on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/366406660211781

accessibility icon = Location is wheelchair accessible.

* Directions to the Cambridge Community Center:
From Central Square (on the T red line), walk out Western Ave. There is a traffic light at Howard St., and a small convenience store on the corner. Turn right. The Center is about 150' from there, on your left, at the corner of Howard & Callender: a large red building with stairs and a ramp in front.

What to do if you're interested in joining:

1. Attend an orientation!

Because the Time Trade Circle is a community, we have to meet new members before they can start participating in time trades. If you're not sure you want to join but are interested in learning more, please come to a meeting where you will:

We hold orientations in different neighborhoods but no matter where you live or where you attend a meeting, you are joining the same timebank. Please feel free to come to any of orientations listed above.

2. Create your account!

Create an account on the Time Trade Circle's internal website. This site is where members arrange trades. It's best not to create this account until after you attend the orientation because you won't be able to see any of the actual information until then, and it helps us activate accounts more smoothly.

Once we've met you and you've created your account, it will be activated. If you have trouble using the Web site, our ambassadors can help you figure it out. Then you can post your offers and requests, and browse other members' profiles. When you join, you start with 5 "Timebank Hours" (hours) in your account, so you can start spending right away.

3. Start time trading!

Use the site to get in touch with other members and arrange trades. Look at members' offers to find services you need. Look at members' requests to find things you can help with. If you see a possible match, send the person a message through the site, use your regular email, or call on the phone. Arrange a time that works for both of you. After the trade, typically the person who received the service "pays" by deducting the hours from their own account. Ambassadors are available to support members in arranging and doing trades.

Note: We have two websites. This one (timetradecircle.org) is a public site - it provides information about the group before you become a member as well as some resources for current members. The internal site (hourworld.org) is used for time trades and is only accessible to members.