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Hall of Fame: Testimonials and Outstanding Trades

Cooking and Digitizing

In my profile I offer to scan photos and convert DVD and VHS to digital computer media. I got a note from a young woman who has just joined and was given a number of albums she received when her mother passed away a number of years ago. She promised to share them with her family but never has been able to. She says she loves to cook. I am retired and my wife works - I am not a faithful cook and our diet is deteriorating. We have just agreed to exchange cooking for digital photos - all her memories for a healthy diet!

Austrian Pastries

One member had listed her willingness to teach Austrian Desserts that would be Kosher for Passover. I realized that the amazing recipes for hazelnut based cake and cookies which I have tried to find since my grandmother died were similar. After I contacted her, she searched her recipes, consulted a vintage Austrian cookbook and even called her mother in Austria to hone in on the right recipes. Finally over a marathon cooking session we made these amazing desserts. She even gave me instruction in how to produce alternate versions by making substitutions.

Bike Repair

I ride my bike a lot but don't know anything about fixing it. Every time it has a problem I dread taking it to the bike shop because I never know how serious the problem is or how much it should cost. I got my bike checked out by a TTC member who spent extra time adjusting it and showing me how to do things. He also explained what it might need later on and gave me advice on where I could get it done. It's such a relief to know that I have people I can ask now when I think my bike needs help!

Thai Bodywork

I've been doing body work since 1998 so I am really fussy about who I get work from. For some reason, for the first time ever, I decided to chance it with a practitioner unknown to me. While this member says she's new to performing Thai massage I felt she had an inate gift for it.

Car Wash

I cannot let today go by without telling you about the car wash I got from a TTC member this morning. First she assembled all kinds of large and perfect cloths for the job. Then she arranged for a hose and an organic (I think) washing compound. She washed my car for 1 hour and 25 minutes. I know because I watched her. She did wheels, mirrors, windows, and I have never had such a thorough and professional job - ever!

Bookcase and TV Star

My very satisfying trades got me on TV! I found the bookcase kit I needed, but couldn't fit it in my car. So I went through the member directory until I found someone with time and an SUV, and he helped me get it home and into the house. It was sitting in my living room while I contacted someone else to help me assemble it, and I was scheduled to teach someone else basic mending skills as another trade. Knowing about the mending trade, Katherine contacted me about being filmed for a channel 5 news report on the TTC. So the film crew came and I was interviewed and filmed giving a mending lesson. My bookcase trades became part of the story. And later another member came and assembled the bookcase with minimal assistance from me, and did a bang-up job! The bookcase is now in place, and overflowing with books.

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