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TTC DOs and DON'Ts

The Time Trade Circle is based on the Core Values of Timebanking, and these principles inform the guidelines for how to be a good member. Since not everyone is familiar with the culture of our community, we've outlined some of our rules and conventions here.

1 Timebanks Hour = 1 Actual Hour

One of the core principles of timebanking is that everyone's time is valued equally, no matter what the service is. Therefore, members do not receive more Timebanks Hours for more desirable or more difficult services. The time they earn is equal to the actual time they spend.

Trading Objects

Posting Services on the Site

Communication Etiquette

Group Classes

Small group classes are a great way to share skills in the Time Trade Circle. The teacher should receive as many Timebank Hours as the time spent on the class and preparing it. Each student should give the amount of time they spent in the class. Clearly with more than one student, there are extra Timebank Hours in this situation, and they would be donated back to the Time Trade Circle. The TTC can then use those hours to donate to a member in need or to use for administrative needs.