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Meet the members of our current working group and board of directors. Please feel free to contact us - no question is too small, and we would love to hear from you.


Membership Coordinator, Board Member
email: cindy@timetradecircle.org
phone: 617-821-3755
Contact Cindy if you�d like assistance with getting started after you attend an orientation, or with any general TTC questions. If you don't know who to contact, she can direct your questions.

Carol Moses

Outreach Coordinator, Orientation Coordinator, Board Member
email: info@timetradecircle.org
Contact Carol if you have a group that you'd like to have a TTC orientation for.


Ambassador (helper), Treasurer, Board Member
email: heidi@timetradecircle.org
Contact Heidi if you need any help setting up trades, or if you have any questions for the treasurer.


Web Coordinator
email: maggie@timetradecircle.org
Maggie can help you find a trade or resolve problems with a trade.


Web Coordinator
email: chris@timetradecircle.org
Chris can help with your online account and using the TTC web site.


Web Coordinator
email: jessica@timetradecircle.org
Jessica can help with your online account and using the TTC web site.

Louisa Rosenheck

Board Member


Treasurer, Belmont Contact, Board Member
email: naomi@timetradecircle.org

Michael Muehe

email: brainbark@yahoo.com
phone: 617-492-0873 before 9 PM
Contact Michael for help resolving conflicts with other members or advice on difficult time trades.

Sue Reinert

Ambassador (helper)
email: reinertsue@gmail.com
phone: 617-576-6761 before 9 pm
Contact Sue for help using the TTC web site or help arranging a trade if you cannot use the web site.

Lisa Vaas

Jamaica Plain & Roslindale Contact
email: lisavaas@gmail.com
Members in the JP/Roslindale area can contact Lisa with local questions.


MetroWest Contact
email: jb1020@gmail.com
Members in the MetroWest area can contact Judy with local questions.

Lynn Rosenbaum

Arlington & Medford Contact
email: lynnarosenbaum@gmail.com
Members in the Arlington/Medford area can contact Lynn with local questions.