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Time Trade Circle Admin Group

The Time Trade Circle is completely volunteer-run by members. The admin group is organized into the following roles:

The Director

The Director oversees the group and its goals.


Coordinators make sure the group runs smoothly for prospective and current members. Currently includes Membership Coordinator and Orientation Coordinator.


Ambassadors are available to provide support to the members in various capacities. They may support members through their first and subsequent trades, and help match members with similar interests. Other ambassadors help lead orientations, organize events, and keep admin records updated.


One of the ambassadors is the TTC ombudsperson, who is available to members to resolve any conflicts and help problem solve any issues that may arise. See this page for more info on how the ombudsperson operates.


These are members that periodically organize events or implement projects that help the TTC. Much of the activity in our community is thanks to our volunteers.