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About the Time Trade Circle

2015 Arlington Public News interview with TTC members Anne and Lynn

Kinds of Exchanges

This is not a complete list, but shows examples of what Time Trade Circle members might request or offer.
Teaching Arts & Crafts
Computer Assistance
Language Translation
Minor Home Repair
Car repair
Grocery Shopping
Pet Care
Child Care
Editing, proofreading
Sewing, mending
Snow shoveling
Heavy lifting
Some more unique exchanges:
Baking healthy muffins
Language lessons: ASL, Braille, and Chinese
Mindfulness meditation
Reiki treatment
Bread making lessons
Soft toy rehab
Drum lessons
Video editing

How does it work?

Our timebank is primarily online, though you don't have to be online to be a member. Members post their contact info and the services that they can offer and that they would like to receive. Other members browse the site and when they see something they want or something they can help with, they can contact that member either through the site or by emailing or calling directly. The two members arrange a mutually convenient time and place and after the trade the hours are recorded on the website as well. That way your online account is like your bank account, keeping track of all your trades and Timebank Hours, and helping you connect with your neighbors. Get more details about how it works in the member guide.

Our Local Time Bank

Our local timebank is called the Time Trade Circle. We are a diverse group of members that live in many towns throughout the Boston metro area. Our goal is to enable people to connect with their neighbors to get help when they need it and give help when they can. We do this primarily through a website where members list their offers and requests along with their contact info. What you can get out of the Time Trade Circle depends on what other members are offering. Meeting interesting people you wouldn't otherwise have known is part of the fun of time trading.

Our Mission Statement

The Time Trade Circle's mission is to create and strengthen informal support systems in the community by exchanging services. It believes that the human infrastructure that is necessary to care for children, the frail, and elderly, to build and maintain connections with others, and to build safe and vibrant communities requires work and that it is work that should be valued.

Our Vision Statement

The Time Trade Circle works towards a world in which neighbors help neighbors and every individual can contribute so that our communities are safe and vibrant.

Time Trade Circle History

January 2005
Katherine Ellin started to explore ways to develop social support networks that individuals and families could tap into quickly (in role as Director of Community Programming at the Children's Community Support Collaborative, a DMH funded program that is part of the Home for Little Wanderers).
Discovered Edgar Cahn's Time Banking (along with other barter systems - Helluva Organized United Reciprocation System - hOURS - by Fred Kittelman, among others).
Decided to start a timebank and explored different kinds of timebanks such as agency or neighbor-to-neighbor.
Exploratory meeting at the Oak Square Y in Brighton. Ria suggested the name Time Trade Circle and we made the decision to create a "hybrid" timebank.
September 2005
Hosted an open meeting in Cambridge.
Piloted the Time Trade Circle - started with about 20 members and a paper directory.
2005 - 2007
Janice Robillard was the coordinator. With her leadership, we got the computer system up and running and developed the basic structures for running the timebank.
April 2007
Publicly launched the Time Trade Circle in Cambridge and held events in August and December 2007.
January 2008
Louisa Rosenheck became the coordinator and we continued to publicize.
Increased membership dramatically and began joining institutional members such as The Margaret Fuller House, our fiscal agent. The group continued to grow and increase trading, as it is today. For more of the latest updates, see our News page.